Culturally Competent Programming for Individuals and Families of Color

The Multicultural Counseling and Educational Services of the Bay Area

The Multicultural Counseling and Educational Services of the Bay Area assists individuals and families of color develop culturally appropriate problem-solving strategies for managing life’s challenges and transitions. Our organization responds to the increasing need to provide culturally appropriate services for individuals and families in our communities.We offer support that affirms and promotes individuals’ and families’ cultural values, inherent worth, and dignity.

Culturally Appropriate Services


Each culture consists of values and a worldview that is unique to it. Our services are created to support these values that are unique to each culture as individuals create problem solving strategies to deal with life transitions and challenges.

Involved in the Community


We are involved through community events and planning, participating on advisory committees, and serving on other boards of directors. We give voice to the values of our community, advocating for their cultural perspectives and experiences in the multicultural community.

We Engage With Everybody


It is our practice to be inclusive in all aspects of our organization and bring an inclusive perspective to all
community discussions and problem-solving strategies for individuals and their families. In a multicultural community, inclusiveness is a value to be embraced.

Flexible Solutions for Your Personal Needs

In-Home Family Support Services

Parenting Classes

Antiracism-Multicultural Training

Mentoring and Advocacy Services

Mental Health First Aid Training

Non-Denominational Spiritual Counseling

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