Our goal is to provide an alternative to the dominant culture’s programs and services that are essentially Eurocentric. We offer support that affirms and promotes individuals’ and families’ cultural values, inherent worth, and dignity.


Our Team


Rev. William Chester McCall

Rev. William Chester McCall is a long-time resident of East Palo Alto. He holds a B.A. in Sociology and a Masters of Divinity. He has worked with community-based non-profit organizations, the religious community, state, county, city and federal agencies for over 45 years throughout the United States. As an educator, mentor, community organizer and activist, he teaches parenting communication skills, leads antiracism/anti-oppression trainings, and provides consulting services for non-profit boards and congregations, assisting them in becoming multicultural-multiracial institutions. He also teaches multicultural communication skills for individuals and families. Known for his social justice advocacy, Rev. McCall believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, in assisting others to be authentic in their relationships and in creating viable multicultural communities that affirms peace, liberty and justice for all.

Ms. Dee Uhila

Ms. Dee Uhila is a longtime resident of East Palo Alto. She is an educator, mentor, community activist and an advocate for the Pacific Islander community through-out the San Francisco Bay Area. Dee works with youth, young adults, parents, grandparents and their families. Sheteaches parenting classes in Samoan and Tongan, assists with the transitioning of Pacific Islanders to East Palo Alto, and provides multicultural-multiracial educational support groups. Ms. Uhila assists individuals and families in accessing state, county and city services to improve their quality of life. She is a member of the East Palo Alto Mental Health Advisory Group, a commissioner on the San Mateo County Commission on Aging and works within the criminal justice system for the benefit of all age groups. Ms. Uhila believes that people are united by learning about their culture and the culture of others which makes the world a better place to live.

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